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to a website like no other.

In fact it is highly misleading to call this place a "website." A typical website is utterly mundane; nothing more than a series of linked hypertext pages pushing material trinkets on the mindless peons, or serving up airbrushed images of media royalty for the delectation of salivating forelock-tuggers.

No, this place is more accurately described as an "arcane repisitory of fantastic ponderings."

The Darksome Schooner is the online showroom for the work of the Fisherians, an avant-garde group of thinkers and intriguers, that was active from 2000 - 2014.

If you have interest in the eldritch, or the fantastical, or the magical, or the profound...
then this place is for you, my friend.

You wander through a cold dark night.

You are searching for something, but you cannot say what it might be. Adventure? Distraction? You do not know what it is that propels you through the frigid blackness.

You pause at the shore of the ocean, as a slumb'ring town twinkles far behind you. The lapping of the dark tide is the only sound that reaches your ears on this deathly silent eve.

Or is it?

Suddenly you fancy you can hear a kind of distant chanting, as if performed by a choir of ghoulish priests. Unsettled, the fluffy down on the back of your neck prickles ominously, and goosebumps burst out in force.

You think a blackish light appears on the horizon; faint, vague, almost whispered to your eyes. It is a gruesome kind of impossible light, but you cannot look away, your eyes addicted to this wyrd glow.

You stare transfixed into the midst of this ambience as it grows, and Dread stalks through your gizzards.

Suddenly, a ghostly ship appears there, sailing towards you with intent. Is this some sort of unreal mirage?! You panic as the phantom vessel approaches, but you cannot move.

You simply cannot.

Welcome, shipmate.

Welcome aboard the Darksome Schooner, an ethereal vessel of the imagination. Ever the Schooner has sailed the boundless seas of Intrigue, on an endless - and often perilous - quest for Adventure.