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Learn more about the original Fisherians

This page provides some character profiles of the four "Founding Fathers" of the Fisherian group.

Johnny Fisher

The leader of the Fisherians and the Captain of the Darksome Schooner, Johnny Fisher was born in 1983 into a lower-middle class family of artisans, within the mystical shadow of Carrickfergus Castle.

Today Johnny lives with his pet cat, Mithrandir, and his elderly fish, Lovecraft, in a room in the house in which he grew up. He can often be found upon the shingled shore of Carrick at eventide, chanting dirges for the souls of drowned warriors, or high upon the windy ramparts of the castle maintaining quiet vigil for ghostly ships of yore.

Johnny's interests include heraldry, bladesmithery and the music of Rush. His manifold hobbies range from ropemaking to ornithological cataloguing, and he is currently translating Neitzsche's Also sprach Zarathustra into Sindarin.

His knowledge of Geography has been described as "Excellent".


Johnny's former second-in-command is known as "Pwney" to his friends.

After years of solid contributions to the movement, Pwney officially left the Fisherians in 2014, precipitating the termination of the Fisherian movement. He now maintains his own blog, Pwn Alwn.

M. Dangermond

Originally from American trailerpark stock, Dangermond added a layer of the exotic to the Fisherians, together with a pile of "useful" knowledge about American and Japanese pop culture.

Perhaps in a revolt against his literature-starved childhood, Dangermond is a voracious reader, claiming to get through four books a week. Writing under a pseudonym, he produces tons of pulpy paperbacks that are either set in the Star War Expanded Universe, or about hard-boiled Tokyo cops bent on violent revenge.

Dangermond is a total history and sci-fi nut. A qualified kyudo archer, he likes to build his own yumi bows. His other interests include anime, sumo, origami, karate, karaoke, taiko drumming, pachinko, and the growing of bonsai trees.

Dermot Aran Davies aka Dermy Davies aka Dermot the Mistruther

Once Johnny's bosom friend, Dermy Davies was kicked out of the Fisherians due to an unconscionable act of betrayal. However, due to a regrettable incident involving the heavy consumption of alcohol and signing of a badly-scrawled home-made contract, the Fisherians remained obliged to make reference to Davies as a Founding Father of the movement.

That is not to say that they will avoid calling him out for the miserable charlatan that he is.

Dermot the Mistruther contributed an insubstantial amount of effort to the Fisherian oeuvre, during the early years of the movement, and to this day makes ludicrous claims to ownership of some of our best work. The idea that the uninspired dreck he continually served up would ever have been posted on the Darksome Schooner is ridiculous.

Keep trying, Dermy - you'll never see a penny.