Don’t Fear the Bilderberg

Today – the 9th June – is a noteworthy date for several reasons.

On this day in 1870, English author Charles Dickens died at his home in Kent. The great man finally succumbed to disease, or old age, or whatever. I wonder if his obituary was released over time via a protracted serialisation relying on unlikely coincidences within the narrative?

Earlier in history, on 9th June 1623, the mighty British forces in America had displayed their bravery and strategic brilliance, proposing a toast to perpetual friendship with the tribes of the Potomac River under Chief Opechancanough, most of whom later dropped dead from the poisoned wine. (This is presumably the same kind of cunning the Brits used to subjugate my home town of Carrickfergus in 1177, under their fabled knight, John de Courcy.)

And today, 9th June 2011, the Bilderberg Group will meet in Switzerland, in some incredibly luxurious hotel where the tog count of the duvets is through the roof.

Many people occupy themselves with fears or concerns about this secretive Bilderberg Group, a clandestine annual meeting of the world’s foremost business and political figures. On separate occasions I have heard the Group referred to as a “cabal”, a “New World Order”, and a “shower of rich bastards”.

Conspiracy theorists – including, I’m sorry to say, Dangermond – believe that the Bilderberg Group uses its considerable power and influence to direct the governance of the world in accordance with its own nefarious agenda. Said conspiracy nuts believe the Bilderbergians ensure that their members and friends are kept fabulously wealthy, to the detriment of the rest of humankind, which is left to beg for scraps by the side of the road, their skeletal hands clawing ineffectually at the polished oaken doors of passing hansom cabs.

However, I personally am not interested in the Bilderberg Group; and I certainly do not fear them.

My detractors will immediately leap on this statement, claiming that I do not fear Bilderberg because I am an “Establishment stooge”.  Pinkos and bleeding hearts will use it to pour bile on my libertarian leanings.

But to be honest, my libertarian-survivalist ideology (though all-encompassing and passionately-held) has no bearing on my lack of fear or interest in Bilderberg. As far as I am concerned, they are a tame bunch of superficial materialists.  They employ everyday faculties to attain everyday goals, their heads filled with vacuous everyday nonsense. The Bilderbergians make no attempt to understand the evil essence of the Cosmos and the dark secrets whispered between the stars; they do not spend long nights locked in darksome catacombs perusing arcane tomes in the pursuit of unspeakable lore.

To put it another way: I will sit up and take notice of the Bilderberg Group the day they recruit a necromancer.

A book of arcane lore

It is my belief that if humankind must fear something, they should fear organisations dedicated to the study and practice of black magick, otherwise known as “occultist covens”.

Whilst most do contain at least a few influential and affluent individuals, pursuit of wealth is not a typical goal. To employ a little French, the raison d’être of these clubs is to practice evil.

These kinds of covens have existed throughout history and continue to prosper today. The name of the historic Thule Society is familiar to even a person of average intelligence, as is the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn of England. The ancient brotherhood of the Freemasons should be known to all.  But to someone like me, interested in the subject and equipped with a mind of extraordinary inquisitiveness, the list of known occultist covens is almost limitless. Some of these covens are so evil they make Lovecraft’s death-worshipping Cthulhu cults seem positively charming.

Members of an occultist coven, attired in traditional robes. Note that one bloke wears glasses just like a normal person, allowing him to slip in and out of the realms of Evil undetected.

Due to the extreme secrecy observed by their members, one can only guess at what unimaginable extremes of depravity these covens indulge in. I suspect it includes things like killing a nanny-goat and then having unusual sex in the middle of its carcass. Messing about with each other’s genitals is hghly likely, as is the smoking of “dope”.

A typical occultist symbol

These covens detrimentally influence society in ways unseen, through avenues unknown. In appearance they look like you or I (well, you; I have a very idiosyncratic style) and spend the bulk of their waking hours engaged in banal, everyday pursuits. But at night, when the sun has fled and the moon casts a pallid glow o’er the lands, these evil individuals amass around cauldrons and ululate ‘neath an effigy of Baal (probably).

Let the members of the Bilderberg group accumulate sports cars and infeasbily-breasted trophy wives. Let them fiddle about with interest rates and plot the odd assassination. But do not waste your time and energy worrying about such individuals. They have not peered into the cosmic Void – you should fear those that have.

Clarification – I am indeed a student of the occult. However, let it be known that I practice magick responsibly and without malevolence. I certainly do not associate with the sort of evil covens outlined in the above article.