Response to “Quads”

This is a personal response to a recent post by my esteemed colleague I_PWN_YER_MA_84.

Using my extraordinary powers of image manipulation, I have designed a film poster that, I hope, will provide momentum for PWN’s “Quads” project, giving vision for an ambitious director/producer partnership to take the idea into production.

I have undertaken this task out of love for PWN’s brilliant idea; I have done it out of respect for my hardworking colleague; but mainly I have done it because I stand to make a serious bit of moolah if this poster contributes towards securing development for the project.

Twelve percent, I’ve heard.

Quads film poster


2 thoughts on “Response to “Quads”

  1. Johnny,
    Remarkable. The juxtaposition of rural Brugges and neon Hong Kong underlines the personality contrasts of the brothers Van Damme and Chan suggested in PWN’s original synopsis. Chan #1’s moustache is a beautifully nuanced touch, and gives the diminuitive Asian over-actor the look of a serious rascal. Top class.

  2. Fisher,

    Utter, utter crap. No matter how much Hank Dangermond gushes over it. I could have knocked out a better job on MS Paint. Those “spectacles” are total crap.

    I would never have thought it possible for anyone to make PWN’s original idea even more homoerotic, but you have achieved it.

    It’s always about glistening biceps with you guys.

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