Idea for an Epic Fantasy Story: #1 – The Geezers

Set in a strange mythical world where eagles swim and dolphins fly, The Geezers chronicles the exploits of an unusual High Fantasy outfit.

“Why is this outfit so unusual?”, you ask.

“It avoids hackneyed fantasy tropes”, is my firm reply. I look you right in the eye as I say this, so confident am I in my retort, and you back away sheepishly.

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Dickens meets Tolkien?

I was absent-mindedly perusing the internet recently when the following headline caught my eye:

Tolkien and Dickens grandsons join for book

I don’t wish to seem overly vulgar, nor do I want the integrity of my digestive system to be called into question, but upon reading those words I more or less shat all over myself.

“The heirs of Tolkien and Dickens collaborating on a book?!” I thought, giddy as a girl with a new pair of shoes. “This will unquestionably constitute the best thing that has ever happened in the history of mankind!”

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