A Farewell to Wings

During a recent debate about the proposed Thames Estuary Airport, (“Boris Island”*) a colleague presented me with a perfunctory rebuttal dredged from the Guardian website; not only would the airport have a detrimental effect on the environment, the location means that there would be an increased likelihood of collisions with birds, leading to plane crashes

Mission Control

When my counter-argument** was met with a geographically-ignorant hissy fit, I decided it was time to check out the original report. To be honest, I don’t know what all the worry is about.

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Attention Film Industry – Greatness is Upon You

A few years ago I found myself engaged in conversation with a mid-level film producer whilst waiting for a train. As we stood on the platform, he enquired, possibly simply out of politeness, whether I had any good ideas for films (though the fact he waited so long to broach such an obvious topic would seem to indicate genuine interest spurred by some element in our conversation prior to that point which had enabled him to identify me as a formidable creative force.)

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Caturday Night’s Alright (for precipitating the decline of the current age)

Only someone with spectacularly limited abilities to discern societal trends would have failed to notice that cats are immensely and increasingly popular on the Internet. Once this was pointed out to the aforesaid individual, (who perhaps has manfully shunned the unrelenting onslaught of the Information Age, preferring the worldly pleasures of music, maidens and masonry to the ethereal lure of videos of foreigners on public transport, or perhaps he is blind) he would have to be an utter moron not to notice that this feline fetishism is undoubtedly a portent of the demise of the epoch.

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American Clods: A scathing rebuke of Neil Gaiman’s bafflingly successful American Gods

The Hugo Awards, the Nebula Awards, SFX Magazine, the International Horror Guild, the Geffen Award, what do they all have in common? They’re all idiots who unjustly lauded Neil Gaiman’s sprawling, turgid American Gods.

In aforesaid novel, Gaiman (whom I was pleased to recently discover, has not fallen victim to nominative determinism) posits a situation where the broadly contemporary United States of America are littered with destitute gods, brought over by immigrants years previously, but now gone to seed through lack of reverence and observance.

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Public Service Fraudcasting

And so it continues.

An associate recently brought to my attention the following article:

Ladybird made into ‘zombie’ bodyguard by parasitic wasp

Could it be, another zombie-related article on the BBC News website, so soon after this and this? The august public broadcaster seems finally to be giving proportionate attention to the threat of the undead, and indeed the possibility of them forming an entente cordiale with invertebrates. Had they been reading my bewilderingly prescient Ant! Zombies! series? I doubt it.

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UPDATE: No I don’t think this is ‘totally random’

Following a surprisingly effusive response to a previous blog, a colleague directed me to the following article on the BBC website, asking for my input:

Leicester City Council ‘not ready’ for zombie attack

He no doubt thought I would be amused by the story, or at least heartened at finding a kindred spirit. He could not have been more wrong. I have nothing but disdain for the unnamed petitioner of the article. If anything, the “Concerned Citizen” has muddied the waters which I have spent many years attempting to decontaminate.

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