WWBD? What Would Boadicea Do?

Boadicea about to lose her rag and take on Big Ben

Recently I found myself in the Museum of London searching out a fascinating artefact referenced in the footnotes of Alan Moore’s sprawling and masterful From Hell. The museum was unusually busy that Sunday morning and I was curious as to why.

Intrigue overpowering my inherent instinct of avoiding “crowdthink”, I tracked the main flow of traffic to a basement gallery housing a rather pedestrian exhibition of “London Street Photography” (basically smug intrusive snapshots of assorted eccentrics, freaks and losers).

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No, I do not think this is ‘totally random’

This recent, lazily regurgitated, report on a national newspaper website was drawn to my attention on a number of occasions in the last few weeks. In each instance the associate alerting me the report expressed ignorance of my astoundingly prescient Ant! Zombies! project. Instead, they would usually claim that they “saw [the story] online and thought [I] might find [aforesaid story] interesting.”

Whilst the woeful incuriousness of these people could explain why none have yet partaken of even the shortest vignettes contained within Ant! Zombies!: The First Anthology, I can think of no obvious reason as to why they felt I would find this story “interesting”.

I find it chilling.

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