NukeProof – an open invitation

I have something of a knack for anticipating future video games. This knack has often proved startlingly prescient.

Example. As a child who had quickly grown bored of the repetitive nautre of the banal Duck Hunt (to say nothing of the intense frustration I felt at being unable to shoot that dog up the arsehole), I envisioned a much more complex shooter that would test the Nintendo Entertainment System’s “Zapper” light gun to its limits. The game I had imagined was a hard-hitting affair called Zapper, P.I. which featured a moustachioed private detective engaging in a perpetual car chase with a plethora of heavily-armed perps who had raped his wife and kidnapped his young son. The player would control the character with the light gun, shooting enemies as they appeared on screen and scoring double if he steered the character’s car over their felled bodies. Being five-years-old and encumbered with parents who refused to nurture my creative side by furnishing me with the expensive computer arrays I demanded, I had no way to actually create this game, so it remained confined to my fertile young mind.

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Humanity one step closer to living in the Culture

I will admit, shipmates, that I have often struggled to embrace the concept of the Culture, as presented in several of Iain M. Banks’ novels.

As you may already know, I am heavily influenced by my socio-political belief system, which brings together mysticism and libertarianism (at last), and in which self-reliance and  strong clan ties play a central role. Without digressing further, I am basically a survivalist magickian.

Therefore, the concept of a galactic civilisation in which the welfare state has become total fills me with horror.

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