A pair of star-cross’d lovers (Johnny is Back)

Greetings, Shipmates.

It’s been a while since I last posted on this blog. It’s been a long while indeed, since I last held you enraptured with my characteristic blend of insight and intrigue.

If a lighthouse-keeper leaves his post, the ships that depend upon his guiding lamp are betrayed to a violent end amongst rocky outcrops and the ruthless scavenging of coastal folk. When a shepherd forsakes his flock, his woolly charges are rendered easy pickings for ravening wolves and Welchmen.

For Johnny Fisher to abandon his ethereal craft for two years and leave his loyal crew to the capricious whims of the Seas of Intrigue is perhaps the most serious crime of all. I wholeheartedly apologise for this uncharacteristic lapse in my characteristically prodigious levels of output.

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A big Fisher in an overpopulated pond: when Johnny went to London

Several months ago I made the decision to travel to London for a couple of days.

The primary reason for the trip – I wanted to catch the London leg of Rush’s Time Machine Tour, which was scheduled to take place in the 02 Arena on 25th May.  The secondary reason concerned a nuanced sociological research experiment that I planned to undertake (which later came to be referred to as a “Cockney Hunt”).

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Musings on Coolness

When they are posed the question “Who is the Coolest Person on Earth?”, people with infirm opinions typically require several minutes to answer, stammering and muttering indecisively. When they eventually get round to evincing their (wrong) opinion, the questioner has usually wandered off due to boredom.

On the other hand, those of us equipped with robust opinions and a staunchly decisive personality fire back an unshakable answer to this question with such intense swiftness that the questioner is often stunned, typically wincing in the realisation that they have found themselves in the embarrassing position of having had insufficient time to prepare a follow-up question.

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