What spaceships should look like

In a recent article entitled What should spaceships look like?, the BBC asks the following question:

As the next generation of spaceships is being conceived, should shuttle designers take their inspiration from sci-fi illustrators?

In posing such a question the BBC have clearly displayed their ignorance of this very blog. Had they been paying attention, they would know I have already definitively answered this question.

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Humanity one step closer to living in the Culture

I will admit, shipmates, that I have often struggled to embrace the concept of the Culture, as presented in several of Iain M. Banks’ novels.

As you may already know, I am heavily influenced by my socio-political belief system, which brings together mysticism and libertarianism (at last), and in which self-reliance and  strong clan ties play a central role. Without digressing further, I am basically a survivalist magickian.

Therefore, the concept of a galactic civilisation in which the welfare state has become total fills me with horror.

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